Cats with Hats, tell me more...

We work with a lot of unique and talented artists around the world, from serious landscape photographers to highly trained painters, but when a series of prints featuring cats with hats came across the web to our shop, we looked, smiled, had to look some more, and decided we needed to share this great artwork.

Artist Siran Liu has created an illustrated watercolor series titled '100 Cats with Hats' with inspiration from pop-culture and varieties of individual identity.  The original watercolor paintings are created on 8" x 8" watercolor paper and then digitized for reproduction through scanning. 

We wanted to know about the inspiration for the '100 Cats with Hats' project.  
Liu focused on warm emotion and the idea that "in modern society, people use outfits as a way to identify themselves from other people, as a way to make an announcement about their attitude and personality. So a hat is a representation of that. And each cat has a unique design that somehow will tell what type of personality or story he or she has." 

When asked about the goal of the project, Liu said, " I want to use the '100 Cats with Hats' project to bring people joy, and let them see the beauty of variety in each individual...I hope when people see these cats, they can related with them and somehow remind them of a person they know or even themselves." 

Liu's work is marketed on social media and through an Etsy shop (links below).  Here are a few photos of the '100 Cats with Hats' series.  You can see more of the cats with hats series at Liu's social media pages. 

Here are a few photos of four of the finished prints:











Etsy Shop



We think Siran Liu is a great artist and highly recommend clicking on the links above to be inspired by some terrific artwork in both traditional and digital formats. 

About the artist
Liu was born and grew up in Beijing, China and began painting as a child, but abandoned the art form by middle school.  Liu initially studied Communication Engineering as a undergrad in China, but decided to return to a love of art for grad school and studied computer animation and digital visualization in the United States.  Liu currently works as a lighting artist at BlueSky Studios.
It was Liu's daily work in the digital realm that inspired a need to return to paint and paper.  Liu began studying watercolor just over a year ago and completely fell in love with the medium.     

Fun Facts
Liu is left-handed, loves watermelon and blueberry, and would love a pet cat, but is unfortunately allergic to cats. 

What Siran Liu says about Atom Prints
Atom Prints produces really high quality art prints of my original work. I'm extremely happy with how the color turned out on their fine art paper. I have been using their Breathing Color Pura Velvet papers for all my art prints and I love the feel when I touch the paper. 

Also, the online ordering system Atom Prints has is extremely user-friendly and easy to work with. The whole process is broken into different steps with clear UI elements and interaction that makes everything super easy to follow. And the website stores all the print files inside my account for future re-print.

Siran Liu selected Breathing Color Pura Velvet for the '100 Cats with Hats' series.